Hello, I am Cassandra Lee. I am currently a litigation lawyer working and living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I like to think I am still a relatively young woman who often struggles to find her footing in life. But in recent years, I have seem to be getting closer to finding my place, footing and identity beyond just being a litigation lawyer.

Hello, it’s me…

I finally figured that since I can always find time to write 280 characters of random rants on Twitter, I can certainly find time to write more extensively in the hope of bringing some value to others through my writings, especially of my experiences and struggles as a young woman in the legal profession.

Not everyone has been a fan of my tweets, especially in the past year or so. So, it was kind of cool to have my Twitter account recognised when I made this list: https://asialawportal.com/2020/07/13/30-people-to-watch-in-the-business-of-law-in-asia-in-2020/

This is also my platform to discuss issues which I feel strongly about in the legal profession, my own legal practice and in life, generally.


Cass x