Welcome to PrimaFacieCass!

I finally did it!

With the help of a glass of wine & calming scented candles

This has been a long time coming. If you follow me on Twitter, you will probably see that I quite enjoy putting my thoughts and feelings in 280 characters tweets and sometimes, threads. I frankly do enjoy writing and have much to say about many things, be it my views of the legal profession in Malaysia, my real life experiences or just musings of my broken heart.

I have been searching for the motivation and platform to write about the things I want to write about and not just writing in the name of marketing or business development.

So, I finally decided that I will create my own platform where I can write about issues I am passionate about and share my own thoughts, ideas and experiences.

I hope my readers (assuming I will have somewhat of a readership!) will see me more than just a litigation lawyer or a law firm partner. I hope I relate to you as a (relatively) young woman trying to find her way in life and her identity beyond being a litigation lawyer and law firm partner in Kuala Lumpur.

My goal for this site is for it to not just be a legal blog. I have no intentions of using this platform to market my legal services so I will not be writing about specific areas of the law or give legal updates. But I will be talking about issues in the legal profession which affect me personally and issues which I feel strongly about like innovation, technology and virtual law firms!

This site will be my platform to talk about ideas, ideals, difficult subjects and also life in general. You will read about my experiences and frustrations. It will be my journal, my therapy.

I thank my friends: Nimalan, Vincent, Sindi, Nicole and Sheryl for their encouragement, support and help in setting this up. Also, credit to Vincent for the name of this site (If you think it’s lame, blame him).

It is only apt that I end with the disclaimer that all views and writings are my own and are not views of the firm I am attached to or the people I work with, unless stated otherwise.

I hope you will enjoy this space as much as I believe I will enjoy writing here!



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